Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Starting a Data Entry Company

Okay - ages since I blogged but here goes.

I left off the Day of Small Things when I lost the job keying insurance forms for a doctor's clinic. From there I again went and found employment out of the house and had to have my son's stay in after school. I was traveling about an hour to work and my husband often made it to school to pick up the kids before me. I started out in a temporary position (Kelly Girls) as a specification typist for a design/engineer company. When a position opened up for an Administrative Assistant for one of the principles, I got it. I moved from there into IT support when a new network was installed (all the new high tech stuff). I enjoyed the job until the company started having financial trouble and a lack of jobs. They began laying off and soon closed up the office and moved the operation to Boston. Again I found myself looking for work. Only this time I had a little severance money. My husband and I thought it out: what could I do to make our lives easier, to be there for our sons? We decided that I would get some schooling in computer networking and get certified as a Novell Network Engineer. I took the classes, passed the seven tests and got my certification. Now maybe I can get something with more flexibility and closer to home. Sorry Charlie, I hunted for a job for a long time and it seems that I was more marketable as a secretary. However, I got a call from someone who knew someone I knew that needed a network installed in their office. It was a very large printing company - American Signature. They had just procured a job managing and processing a Kids Club for a major fast food company. I managed to present them with a network plan and a design for their data entry keying screens and data processes.

This was my real start. They decided not to do the data entry and processing in-house themselves and let me bid on it. I got the job! We had to get to work. To be continued....