Friday, January 9, 2009

Lost a Bid

We were not selected to continue in the bid process this week. A large telecommunications company located in our area gave us the honor of being included in their RFP list. We gave it our best shot but one of the things they looked at was company growth and receivables. Unfortunately our growth is flat and our receivables have gone down. We were also in the upper-middle tier on our pricing. There were some unknown variables inherent in the project that caused us to bid a bit higher. They gave about a week in a half to prepare the bid.

It's a tough economic market and this company had previously started this project with a subsidiary company of a very large corporation. They went bust, leaving them with a failed project to start over. The moral of the story is: size may matter but it doesn't guarantee success.

We have a strong history of successfully starting, continuing and completing projects. We have never let a customer down and had hoped that this would be considered. We are also proud of the people that have worked with us over the years. Some in our office, some from their homes. Local mothers for the most part that want to help with the family budget.

C'est la vie! If at first you don't succeed, try try again.