Thursday, April 8, 2010

Go Where the Work Takes You

I have been awarded several MS Access database development projects of late that I would like to share:

I recently completed an application for a wonderful European style bakery in Atlanta that is growing daily. The chef needed a way to control the process of receiving and tracking daily customer's orders, generating the baker's daily production reports with breakdown of dough types, dough volume required, and invoicing of customers. I worked closely with the client and we have developed a great tool that will make the daily process more efficient, easier to manage and less time consuming. Really enjoyed this project.

I am working on modifications to an application used by a local micro brewery to manage their process. This is a challenging project as I am wading through some very different, and totally without comments, code. To further complicate matters, the original programmer and I seem to approach the process differently. An occasional challenge can be good and keep you on your toes.

The third project is for an association that promotes a food product. Though I am modifying and adding to an existing application, I and the original programmer seem to approach the process similarly. I can more quickly understand where he is going.

The moral of the story is: Go where the work takes you. Be flexible enough to see a need and accept the challenge.


  1. I came here from Twisted Vortex. I am also an Access Programmer. Fun to find someone else in that realm. I've followed RT for sometime.

    Anyway, good luck on your projects. As I leave comments I will think of you. Someday, someone else may need to take over my code. :O)

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  5. When I read this post " Go Where the Work Takes You" I remember my co-workers in timeshare business. They really are very workaholic. Thumbs up of this post.

  6. Sometimes we tend to forget that even if we are working we there are still chance for us to expand our horizons... be flexible and check out what's out there to do...

    if not we will be boxed and time will come that we will get tired of the monotonous work that we will keep on doing over and over again if we dont learn to go out of our comfort zone...

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  8. I always go where my work takes me. One word - flexible - You have to be flexible and easily adapt on different things to achieve the desired results.

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