Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Have Kids - Help them Adjust to your Work at Home

So you finally have a job working at home. Just what you've been hoping for. You are set up and the kids are outside playing, you sit down to type and:

Here comes little Jimmy crying. Big brother hit me and won't let me play with him. Whaw, whaw, will you play with me. What am I goin to do.

Well, Mom, it will take a little patience and creativity to help your children adjust and understand your new schedule. The first thing you can do is consider their schedule and try to work around it. If they are in school during the day, your in like Flint. But what about the summer when they are around the house and bored. Try to plan activities that will keep them busy (a little TV is okay but we all know too much is a bad thing). Do they have some hobbies that they can be involved in during the day, day camp during the summer, can you see them playing in the yard while you are working inside. I actually designed our house so that I could see the kids while I was on my PC. If the kids are loosing it, fighting and crying, take a break, go get an ice cream. Explain to them how their understanding with your new job will help them also. Maybe it will make it possible for the family to make a trip to Disneyland. Now before they demand your attention they may think about that trip to Disneyland.

Can you work in the evening when Dad is home and spending some quality time with his children?

Sometimes you will find it difficult but hang in there and be patient. It will get easier with time.

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