Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Managing Your Time

The NUMBER ONE reason home workers fail is bad time management. A lot of the contractors that we have used over the years are moms so I will present this from that perspective.


Get up early. If you rise 30 - 45 minutes before the rest of the family you will a few minutes to collect your thoughts, have a cup of coffee and start the day prepared.

Have a plan: what needs to be done today. Do you have 5 hours of data entry plus need to pick up the kids and go to ballet lessons. Write down on a note pad what you are going to accomplish and when. This will also help you see if what you are expecting of yourself is realistic. Don't forget to leave a few minutes for personal time and the little chores that will creep in. You might have some items that need to be done through out the week that are secondary. Do most important thing first. Use discipline and stick to the Plan!

Group your running around: If you have to drop the kids at practice and pick them up in an hour, do your grocery shopping.

Get enough rest and relaxation time: Don't fall into the habit of not getting enough rest - it will catch up with you. Ask me how I know. Set some time to go for a walk with your family or get an ice cream. It will keep you balanced and your family will not resent your job (so much).

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  1. I find using a time tracking tool also helps organize and track my day.

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  3. Managing your time matters a lot. Managing time is more important than managing your money in the long run.